Frank's Roundhouse - Factory Errors

Documented on this page are three examples of factory errors.

Frank's Roundhouse Santa Fe factory error

Frank's Roundhouse # 22. Santa Fe boxcar with the Super Chief paint scheme double-stamped on the map side. Photos courtesy of the B. Trappen collection.

Frank's Roundhouse misprinted Maine Central box

Frank's Roundhouse # 42. Maine Central boxcar with a Frank's Roundhouse white box stamped "OARNGE" instead of "ORANGE". Photo courtesy of the B. Fetterman collection.

Frank's Roundhouse Pittsburgh and Lake Erie error stock car

Frank's Roundhouse # 87. Pittsburgh and Lake Erie 21208 stock car. Road name abbreviation on car stamped incorrectly as "PL&E" rather than "P&LE." Often found in a white box stamped "85 P.&L.E. STOCK" instead of "87 P.&L.E. STOCK." Confirmation and photo requested of a correctly stamped car. Photo courtesy of the B. Trappen collection.

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