Katsumi / KTM Electrics

Katsumi, also known as KTM, made these O-scale electrics in Japan during the 1960's. Though the electric locomotives on this page came equipped with scale wheel flanges, I have successfully operated them on both Lionel FasTrack and tubular track. KTM also made Model Railroad Sets and steam locomotives.

At this Wikipedia link is the Japan Railways electric locomotive numbering and classification system, which corresponds to the numbers on the four locomotives below.

KTM EB557 two-axle electric locomotive

KTM EB557 two-axle electric locomotive.

KTM EB5828 two-axle electric locomotive

KTM EB5828 two-axle electric locomotive.

KTM ED5829 four-axle electric locomotive

KTM ED5829 four-axle electric locomotive.
The pantographs on this engine are KTM replacements. Originals may have been black.

KTM ED6030 four-axle electric locomotive

KTM ED6030 four-axle electric locomotive.
Though this engine has six axles, only the four powered axles are counted.

KTM electric trolley

KTM unnumbered electric trolley.

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