Kris Model Trains

Kris Model Trains were produced/sold by Andy Kriswalus of Endicott, New York from 1968 to 1982. Kris made boxcars, gondolas, refrigerator cars, stock cars, track, and railroad coasters. Due to the number of rolling stock variations, with some produced in single quantities, a complete listing would be a herculean task. The best source of printed information is the Kris Model Trains chapter in Greenberg's Guide to Kusan Trains by John O. Bradshaw. However, this book was published in 1987 and is now out of print. See the thumbnail links below and pictures that follow for examples of Kris production.

Kris UP Bank cars
Union Pacific Bank Cars
Kris UP boxcars
Union Pacific Boxcars
More Kris UP boxcars
More Union Pacific Boxcars
Kris UP refrigerator cars
Union Pacific Refrigerator Cars
Kris PFE refrigerator cars
PFE Refrigerator Cars
Kris UP stock cars
Union Pacific Stock Cars
Kris Unique/Custom Decorated
Unique/Custom Decorated
Kris Alaska Railroad
Alaska Railroad Boxcars
Kris Amphenol
Amphenol Rolling Stock
Kris Burlington rolling stock
Burlington Rolling Stock
Kris gondolas
Kris International boxcars
International Boxcars
Kris Just For Fun boxcars
Just For Fun
Kris Toy Train Club cars
Toy Train Club Cars
Kris Wickes Lumber boxcars
Wickes Lumber Boxcars
Kris other road name boxcars I
Other Road Name Boxcars I
Kris other road name boxcars II
Other Road Name Boxcars II
Kris other road name rolling stock
Other Road Name Rolling Stock
Kris Christmas & New Year's
Christmas & New Year's
Kris railroad coasters
Railroad Coasters
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