Kusan K-Series Military Rolling Stock

U.S. Army boxcar

No catalog number. Kusan U.S. Army 1089547 boxcar.

U.S. Army gondola

No catalog number. Kusan U.S. Army 7856 gondola.

U.S. Army Atomic Reactor

Kusan catalog number K-801C. U.S. Army 30100 Atomic Reactor.

U.S. Army Atomic Cannon - gray cannon

Kusan catalog number K-802A. U.S. Army 42010 Atomic Cannon - gray cannon.

U.S. Army Atomic Cannon - black cannon

Kusan catalog number K-802B. U.S. Army 42010 Atomic Cannon - black cannon.

U.S. Army Radar Scanner

Kusan catalog number K-805A. U.S. Army 40916 Radar Scanner.

Radar Car Kit box

Kusan Radar Car Kit box.

U.S. Army Searchlight

Kusan catalog number K-806B. U.S. Army 30100 Searchlight. The searchlight is illuminated by two AA batteries in a holder underneath the car.

Searchlight Car Kit box

Kusan Searchlight Car Kit box.

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